Nice guys gather round a piano

“What Makes You Beautiful” from The Piano Guys

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  1. John D. Tiedeman says:

    Re: “My Gay Big Ears”: I loved classical music long befrh I knew I was gay. In fact, at age 4, I could identify some of my father’s 78s by the appearance of the label. I studied piano on and off from 6 to 19. I came out at 43 (1980) and was a charter member of the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus. I left the next yeas in pursuit f a job in Fresno. The community chorus was the best available to me there. When I moved to San Francisco I joined the Golden Gath Men’s Chorus. When I had to movh to Wilmington, NC when my father was 93, I had to go back into community chorus mode. But on his death, I moved to New Orleans and immediately joined NOGMC, in which I am still active in the Baton Rouce section. I listen to Classical 24 on HD FM for hours on end. This afternoon, while listening to the Haydn D Major Cello Concerto, I wondered how it would be to have a relationship with a gay cellist. I am also singing in the same church choir as 50 years ago.

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