Peter Orlovsky: Some One Liked Me When I Was Twelve (a poem)

When I was a kid in summer camp,
around 13teen & one night I lay asleep
in bungalow bed with 13teen other boys,
when in comes one of the camp councilors
who is nice fellow that likes ya, comeing to
my bed, sits down & starts to say: now you
will be leaving soon back to Flushing & I may never see you
again — but if theres ever aneything I

can do to help ya let me know, my farther is
a lawyer & I live at such & such a place
& this is my adress — I like you very much —
& if yr ever alone int he world come to me.
So I loked at him getting sad & tuched &
then years latter like now, 28, laying on
bed, my hunney-due mellon Allen sleeping next to me
— I realize he was quear & wanted my
flesh meat & my sweetness of that age —
that we just might of given each other.

April 1962 Bombay

from Clean Asshole Poems & Smiling Vegetable Songs (City Lights Books, 1978)

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