Jeremy Denk: Out in the Times

In today’s Arts & Leisure section of the New York Times, Vivien Schweitzer writes about Jeremy Denk, his new recording of the Ives sonatas (amazingly his first solo disc), his obsession with Proust, and addiction to chili peppers. She also mentions “his boyfriend, Patrick Posey, a saxophonist and the director of orchestral activities and planning at Juilliard.”

Scanning the web, this is the only reference I can find to Denk’s sexuality.  There is, however, this snippet of an interview with Stephen Marc Beaudoin for the Porland Mercury in July, 2009:

SMB: One of the long-standing dream recording projects you’ve shared with me involves something with ten cute twinky gay boy composers.
JD: Yes, that’s a dream. Gay twinky boys. It probably won’t be called that.

SMB: What will it be called?
JD: I don’t know. I don’t know what it will be called. I have basically, you know, I have a lot of pleasure playing new pieces, but sometimes you play new pieces, you get a piece of crap, so it takes time to find new pieces you believe in, and practice them.

SMB: Are there cute gay twinky boy composers you do believe in?
JD: There are, and there are also cute straight boy composers I believe in, and also cute women composers, and non-cute men and women composers I believe in.

I interviewed Denk about three years ago and have reviewed him in concert twice. I’m adding those pieces to the blog and the links are below. Don’t know where my Gaydar was when talking to him. On a low setting, perhaps. (It was a phoner after all.) But let this be proof that I do not ask every artist I interview about their sexuality (even when I think they’re kinda cute).

Concert review: Denk plays Ives and Bach (4/24/10, Times Union)

Concert review: Denk plays Ives and Beethoven (12/11/07)

Interview with Jeremy Denk (12/6/07)

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