James Broughton: Here Comes Your Messiah (a poem)

Hello again  This is your overhead operator
I am the big message at the end of your beep
If I plug you in   will you return my call?
Call me Old Man Puck   Call me Peter Panic
Call me what you will but call for dear life
I offer any number of far out connections
As an unlisted long-distance metaphysician
I service a direct line to outer spaces
but I’m a down-to-earth sugeon when it comes to the heart
My goal is to make the world safe for the amorous
Are you primed for a bypass from miserty to mirth?
Or are you addicted to a habit of agony?
I teach the sex of loving and the love of sexing
i preach the sacred msuic of the body’s organs
I advocate a regime of intersecting genders
I am Adam with his Eve still enribbed
I am Pan with the groin of Aphrodite
I am Dionysus in the lap of the Virgin
I am also Doctor Undoing    the wrongheaded remover
ready to extract the deformities of your mind
and put you in the pink of genital condition
And I am Polly Morphous   transorgasmic nurse
Convalesce with me in the hotsprings of surrender
Come alive and kicing to the playing fields of love
Come on! Why cling to a moth-eaten doldrum?

from Packing Up for Paradise (1997 Black Sparrow Press)

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