Emanuel Xavier: Abandonment (a poem)

Somewhere between the restless whispers
and silent promises,
before this war even reached the homeland,
ex-lovers lingered like replases and fractured friendships staggered
like fresh brush strokes distorting
the unfinished canvas of collaboration
My art has become casualty to a tained struggle
over land unholy
I have been left blinded by the stillness of abstract portraits of
pleasures past
Intoxicated by the fumes of jealousy
My name will not be lent to this revolution
I will not fall deaf to these bombs
and chorus of laughter
My faith will not die in these battlefields
These bones will not be buried beneath a battle
that is not my own
Terrorists may wander aimless with words as weapons
seeking refuge in the rumors of religions
worth salvation
But as someone who has learned to survive
since the age of three
My advice is to look into the eyes of the enemy
You will soon realize we are all just children
searching to be held by our fathers
hoping they remember our names

from If Jesus Were Gay (2010, Rebel Satori Press)

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